1.      COMPLETED -- NORTH COUNTY PEER GROUP - By end of 2017, under the leadership of Denise and Michelle, TCC will have started a peer-facilitated support group in the north county.

a.      Two locations have been investigated-Twin Cities Founders Building & The Atascadero Community Church COMPLETED

first MEETING HELD:  Community Church of Atascadero, August 26, 6-8pm

b.      Meetings monthly to start

2.      COMPLETED -- FUNDRAISER - By the end of June, under the leadership of Denise, TCC will determine who and how the next annual fundraiser will be handled.

a.      Denise will contact Kye to gauge his interest in handling for 2018

b.      Denise will contact Cal Poly professor regarding types of fundraisers that his class might be able to assist TCC with.

3.      COMPLETED  -- TEEP VISIT - By the end of summer, under the leadership of Michelle, a road trip will be taken to visit the Transgender Economic Empowerment Program (TEEP) at the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

4.      LOCAL TEEP FEASIBILITY STUDY - By the end of 2017, under the leadership of Michelle, a feasibility report will be presented in order to make a decision regarding the log-term goal of initiating a TEEP-type program in SLO County.  -- New committee member Jamie Wolfe has agreed to share leadership on this project.  Report pending.

a.      It was suggested that possibly Sarah could assist with the writing of that feasibility report.

5.      COMPLETED  -- WOMANADE REFERAL SOURCE - By the end of June, under the leadership of Lisa, TCC will know whether or not it can be a referral organization to Womanade of SLO. Womenade is a non-profit that has gifted $750,000 since 2003 in cash and in kind. The gifts are limited to $300 plus clothing, etc, etc. which are available almost immediately. The website lists needs weekly.

TCC is now an official referral source for trans people (of whatever gender) to access small-amount, one-time emergency assistance from Womanade.

6.      ALLY VIDEO FOR HS - By the end of August 2017, Mike will have filmed and edited a 30-minute video clip that reprises his portion of the DANGEROUS BATHROOMS talk so that videos can be given to high schools for teaching students.  -- This project has been completely re-conceptualized based on feedback from several test groups.  It is now designed to be a self-contained teaching curriculum aimed at high school students that has a 30-minute video component with teacher's manual.  The Title is "Be an Ally."  The training is designed to teach some basic trans 101 information with an emphasis on learning skills and motivating students to take on being an ally to the LGBTQ student community.  Filming is set to begin in February.

7.      COMPLETED  -- BATHROOM SIGNAGE - By the end of 2017, under the leadership of Mike, TCC will implement a plan to help SLO County businesses comply with AB 1732.

a.     Signs are printed. They have been distributed at local events and have been given to Committee members to disperse.

8.      CEU TRAINING FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS - By the end of 2017, under the leadership of Doug and Mike, TCC will be ready to present a CEU training in early 2018.  -- A symposium in partnership with Tenet Health is scheduled to be held Feb 24, 2018.  6 hours; 5 presenters with trans panel.

9.      JOB DESCRIPTIONS - By the end of 2017, under the leadership of David, job descriptions for Steering Committee and other volunteer positions will be adopted.  Interviews of committee members have been conducted.  Final product will depend on whether TCC incorporates.

10.    COMPLETED  -- SLO CHAMBER PRESENTATION - By the end of August, under the leadership of Susan and Mike, TCC (read Susan) will have presented at the SLO Chamber of Commerce "Good Morning SLO" breakfast meeting regarding AB 1723

Susan did a great presentation on trans issues:  Bathrooms, employee support, customer service, etc.


1.      UNDER-30 GROUP - By the end of 2018, under the leadership of Denise, TCC will determine the need for an under-30 peer-led support group.  DELETED.  This objective is shelved pending an analysis of the North County group's effectiveness.

2.      HEALTHY KIDS DATA REPORT - By the end of 2018, under the leadership of John in concert with ACLU, a comprehensive statewide Healthy Kids Data Report will be published.

a.      John is looking for graphic artist. If anyone has a referral, please contact John.

3.      LGBT INCLUSION IN GRANT PROPOSALS - By the end of 2018, under the leadership of John as a board member of the SLO County Mental Health Services Committee, advocate that all grants contain a LGBT component, especially for Behavioral Health Training Committee grants.  -- ongoing

4.      NON-PROFIT STATUS - By the end of 2018, under the leadership of Lisa and Mike, TCC will be incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  This is now under the leadership David Robinson who now conducting an analysis of cost/benefit of incorporation.  --  A decision-making offsite was conducted to get input from key stakeholders about the advisability/readiness of TCC to incorporate.  Draft minutes of this meeting have been written.  Many areas of pre-readiness activity were identified. The group is leaning toward incorporating, although much prep work needs to be done before that will happen.  -- ongoing

a.      Lisa suggested approaching attorney Ann Murphy to handle the incorporation. Not only does Ann have a lot of experience in this area of the law, but her mom, Rosemary, was GALA president for several terms.

b.      Mike has offered to assist

5.      LOCAL TEEP - By the end of 2018, under the leadership of Doug, TCC will have created a TEEP-type program in SLO County, to accomplish the following measurable result—assisted five trans* persons in obtaining gainful employment.

a.      How this can happen without a dedicated center or space to store clothing etc. TBD

b.      Denise proposed utilizing a public storage unit

GOALS REQUIRING OBJECTIVES: Get more people involved in TCC

1.      Leaders for one-time events

a.      Kye for annual fundraiser

b.      to be responsible for the Pride Booth (SLO, SB, etc)

c.      job description

2.      Volunteers for one-time event

a.      Assist with annual fundraiser

b.      Assist with Pride Booth (SLO, SB, etc)

c.      Tell personal story at educational events

3.      Steering Committee

a.      Current Steering Committee discuss strengths needed

b.     Doug to contact David Kilburn, Ex Dir of ASN, request an ASN team member become a steering committee member