Tranz Central Coast has been deluged by requests for training that far exceed our current capacity to provide!

Tranz Central Coast (TCC) is asking for your generous donation to help us meet the growing need to train businesses, healthcare providers, service agencies, and employers to serve the Trans Community more effectively. 

To this end, TCC is bringing Dr. Eli Green (co-author of The Teaching Transgender Toolkit: A Facilitator’s Guide to Increasing Knowledge, Decreasing Privilege and Building Skills – a nationally-recognized package of tools and resources) to personally deliver a 3-day intensive Train-the-Trainer (scheduled for July 18-20), that will enable TCC and select partners to go out and train community agencies to prepare their staff to provide competent and affirming service to the Trans Community.

Your tax-exempt donation will pay Dr. Green’s fees and expenses for conducting the train-the-trainer, as well as for their consultation in designing and implementing a training strategy to meet the many ongoing needs of our community.

This is a very large financial commitment, which TCC needs your help to realize.  Thank you for your support!